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Ty Wigginton Traded to Philadelphia
10-18-2017, 08:07 PM
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Ty Wigginton Traded to Philadelphia
As soon as Ryan Howard went down having a ruptured Achilles tendon to shut out the National League Division Series, the Phillies wound up with two clear options to replace him within the short-term. Similarly, they might pursue an above-average, starter-quality first baseman like Michael Cuddyer a person who would Pace Murphy Jersey require significant financial and time commitments. Or, the Phillies could rebuild with scraps playing platoons inexpensively until Howard returns, perhaps as late as May or June. Sunday night the Phillies opted for the latter, acquiring Ty Wigginton from the Phillies in return for cash or a player to become named later. Rather than pay Cuddyer multiple millions po sibly eight figures over 2 to 3 years, Philadelphia will merely owe Wigginton $2 million for the following season as the team works with the early areas of 2012. Wiggintons entrance into Philadelphias roster makes the Phillies plan clear. A carousel of Wigginton, John Mayberry Jr. and Ben Francisco will replace Howard with some Jim Thome thrown in included in the Tilt-A-Whirl that produces Ruben Amaros grand carnival. When Howard returns, Wigginton will slot in as a right-handed bench bat able to filling out both at third base for Placido Polanco and also at second base for Chase Utley. Both players po se s a recent injury histories, Akeem Ayers Jersey so even without Howards injury, Wigginton ostensibly fills a role for that Phillies. As a full-time first baseman, Wigginton will be a full-scale disaster. Wigginton hasnt been an above-average hitter since 2008, as he was playing in Houston. He couldnt ride the hitters parks of Baltimore or Colorado to OBPs above .320. His only a set here is power he has hit 48 home runs in roughly 1,500 at-bats in the past three years but that still hasnt been enough to create him a relevant hitter. Regardle s of the gaudy homer totals, Wigginton has compiled an ugly -14. Sam Rogers Jersey 6 batting runs excellent since 2009. Simply put, that doesnt play initially base. He might be marginally useful if deployed only against left-handed pitching. Wigginton posted a 109 wRC+ against lefties last season, similar to his 113 career mark. Still, first basemen posted a 125 wRC+ last season overall, so he still projects as below average even in a platoon. In another infield spots, Wiggintons bat is much more palatable. National League second basemen only managed a .699 OPS, and also the senior circuits third basemen typically considered a position of power managed a .705 mark. Wiggintons bat becomes a good thing off of first base (between .714 and .731 yesteryear 3 years). But what the position change added to his offense, it was mitigated with his poor glove. Wiggintons advanced fielding section on his player page is really a sea of minus signs. This really is unsurprising from of a player who has your body of the first baseman, at 6-foot-3, 230 pounds. He hardly pa ses the eye Temarrick Hemingway Jersey test at either second or third base. Perhaps if his weakne ses were hidden by platoons and defensive replacements (such as Michael Martinez), he or she is useful. As it stands, his presence is going to be exploited over any substantial quantity of playing time. The term poor mans Michael Cuddyer was already bandied about. Poor might be an understatement. Cuddyer has produced 47.4 batting runs excellent since 2009, a complete 62 runs (or about six wins) much better than Wigginton. Still, as unappetizing as it can be to look at a clearly inferior bordering on replacement-level option for the first 8 weeks of year, the Phillies will Tyrunn Walker Jersey discover a return on their proceed to go cheap. Perhaps the team will realize that return this year, with sufficient available cash to re-sign Jimmy Rollins. Or maybe Philadelphia realizes the return one or two years down the road, in which the prospect of more than $40 million dedicated to Hunter Pence, Ryan Howard and Michael Cuddyer could stifle the teams capability to improve through the free-agent market. Ty Wigginton wont produce like Cuddyer in Howards absence. And, frankly, he isnt likely to produce much at all. But the freedom he affords the front office is well worth the short-term lo s of production.
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