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Worth So Much More
05-10-2014, 05:49 PM
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Worth So Much More
[Image: 4ff8e53e19c736e2043ccce9417a8796.jpg]

Rule #1 - If a guy calls you Any name that doesn't make you feel respected- Walk Away!! Don't give him another chance.

Rule #2
- If a guy Ever grabs your hand and makes you put it somewhere you don't want to put it - Deck him - HARD - preferably in the throat., and Don't give him another chance.

Rule #3
- If a guy pins you down, grabs your wrist to keep you from leaving, or does anything to make you feel trapped - You fight with every ounce you have in you because his intentions aren't good. And Definitely Don't give him another chance!!

Rule #4 - I know so many beautiful young girls who have let the world and men tell them they're not good enough. We start to believe these lies - We're not skinny enough - We're too skinny - We're not tan enough - We're too tan - We don't have perfect skin - We're not girly enough - We're too high maintenance - Our lips aren't pouty enough - We're too tall - We're too short - We're prudes - We're sluts - Our boobs aren't perky enough or big enough or whatever- The list goes on and on, and honestly it's just Too Much!!!

I just have to say before I finish, that I know plenty of men/boys who have been victim to the same things listed above. I hope you know you don't deserve that kind of abuse either - The golden rule really is the most simple, obvious rule for any person.

[Image: 4f18b99e0f2168427fbc2a1878823681.jpg]

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