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SISTAR IS BACK!!!!! - mpralad - 06-23-2015 10:13 PM

Girl GROUP SISTAR, after celebrating its 5th Anniversary on June 3, has announced it will be making comeback with its 3rd mini-album in the end of June.

A rep from Starship Entertainment, being interview by Korean media outlet Osen commented the upcoming release, “The girls have grown up due to recent solo ACTIVITIES. A NEW concept of the album differs from other records. Coming back on stage, the girls will show maturity as a group and each member as a singer.”

The release date for the new record is slated on June 22. A music producer and song writing team Duble Sidestick, which made for SISTAR songs like “Give It to Me,” “I Swear” and “ LOVINGU,” again composed several tracks for SISTAR.